Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Huw Lewis AM has a Streisand moment!

Apparently it seems that Huw Lewis AM and his staff seem to think it's OK to issue threatening letters to a blogger who merely ridiculed the Assembly member.

Whether the offending article was 'crass' or not is a matter of taste. The serious allegations that the blogger had allegedly made turned out to be nothing. The letter was written with the express intention of intimidating the blogger to pull the article and to restrict free speech.

Despite not being a regular reader of Cambrio Politico I offer the blog my full support and will now forever call Huw Lewis, 'Screwloose'.

Syniadau blog has a great article on the 'non-troversy' that was the Cambrio piece and the subsequent foot shooting exercise (or as it's known on the net, the 'Streisand Effect') by 'Screwloose'.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Welsh Blog Watch: Back from the dead

It seems our 'friend' at WBW is back.

Take at look at this. Ok, Guido won't exactly be quaking in his boots.

What's more interesting is the source. It is now widely known that Welsh Ramblings is run by Plaid staffers in Cardiff Bay, and possibly also by Plaid workers at Party HQ.

This leaves one question: Is Plaid Cymru actively working to undermine its alliance with Labour
by seeking to destablise the Welsh Secretary?

It also begs another question, namely why is Welsh Blog Watch almost exclusively dedicated to 'watching' Welsh Ramblings?

Haven't Labour Party staffers learned their lessons from the recent 'smeargate' incidents?

Friday, 20 March 2009

Welsh Post Box: Gone for good?

1. The blog is no longer protected for selected readers only. It's just been deleted.

2. The Twitter page for the blog has also gone.

Good riddance.

Everyone has a right to free speech, but wishing crucifixion on people for voicing opinions and issuing threats to people who support them crosses the line.

Welsh Post Box will not be missed.

Welsh Blog Watch: Intelligent post shocker!

Even though I disagree with his conclusions, is this post evidence that WBW could move away from the sloppy nonsense that infested his early blog posts? If he can keep this up the Welsh blogosphere would benefit from having a non-partisan 'watcher'.

I would warn him not to jump to conclusions so fast though. He states,
Now, I have no evidence to back up this theory at all. I have no inside knowledge.
Then goes on to blame the whole thing on the nationalists. Surely there have been idiots from other parties stirring the pot on this one as well?

Welsh Blog Watch, please, pretty please, produce more posts like this.

Welsh Post Box: Still going on, behind closed doors

Despite locking people out of his blog, the despicable, potty mouthed smear merchant is still peddling his disgusting rubbish behind closed doors.

Here's his latest blog post in full.
Luke Ellis, the fallen "pro Plaid" former media officer of Carwyn Jones has left the National Assembly in shame and disgrace following his disgusting suggestions that a drud pusher should teach innocent Welsh childern about how to use drugs.

Ellis has been in trouble in his local community after calling the police in to investigate an 84 year old woman for fraud .

My sympathies are with his community as this drugist representing them strides around under a Labour rosette claiming to be a socialist, whilst writng extemt libitarin views on his blog.

The Labour Party is pleased that Luke Ellis is now left the Assembly and we hope he shortly leaves the Party too. The man is a menace, who seems to be in collusion with Plaid Cymru and is certainly a loose cannon. I feel much sorrow for Huw Lewis office who have been implicated in this affair.

I can categorically assure you that there has been no direct contact between any AM's office and this site.

We simply do not want the children of Wales given drugs as a result of Luke Ellis' despicable ideology.

As for Freespeechwales.................................. Fuck you. You are either a Plaidist or a Carwynist either way we do not care for you.
Charming. I notice he's now describing Luke as Libertarian (although obviously can't spell it) after calling him a communist yesterday. Politics aren't WPB's strong point obviously. Neither is being a decent human being.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

The true face of Welsh Post Box

The truth about Welsh Post Box comes out. Here's a lovely message left on Twitter by WPB.
@FreeSpeechWales you have not silenced us. Our job is done. You simply helped. Give our love to Luke on the dole. Boy in a mans world.
1. I didn't set out to silence you, you did that yourself.

2. Glad you've admitted that you were out to get Luke sacked.

3. You've failed. As far as I know he's still employed.


WPB turns up in the comments to this post and further proves how sick, twisted and vile the campaign against Luke Ellis, his livelyhood and free speech has been.
Welshpostbox said...

You clearly are a misinformed racist supporter.

You alowed Racist comments about Huw Lewis's staff being English Yobs on your site. You may as well be a card carrying member of the KKK, let alone Plaid Cymru.

You are sickening in your defense of a drug pushing communist cunt like Ellis and we are finding out who and where you are.

He is not employed. We have it on good authority that the fucker resigned last night, but the media is keeping it quiet to not draw attention from his closet nat bosses latest leadership bid.

Huw Lewis office has no direct contact with us and we resent the implication that we have been politically motivated.

Luke Ellis is a shit press officer and a cunt of a human. He has no ideas of his own and is a danger to democracy.

I never said crucifixion was to much for the short arsed cunt, but if the cap fits........

Fuck you Freespeech wales. He is resigned or sacked. We are closing in on you too. Sleep lightly

And finishing on a threat to yours truly. Disgraceful.

Welsh Post Box RIP?

Try this link.

By invite only?

It seems that calling for Luke Ellis to be crucified was a step too far.

Seems a very cowardly way out.

A note of clarification

The author of this blog does not work for any political party, does not belong to any political party and does not work in the Assembly.

Any speculation as to the ownership of the Welsh Blog Watch and Welsh Post Box are the views of the individuals posting their opinions.

Comments are unmoderated.

If anyone wants to plead the case of a comment being removed I can be contacted via my email on the side panel. Only comments that are breaking the law will be removed.

This blog doesn't care who the owners of those blogs are, it does not seek to 'out' them or restrict their freedom of expression.

Crucifixion is too good for Luke Ellis?

Welsh Post Box proves that he's far and away the most unhinged of the 'Watchers'.

Here's his latest outburst.

The ridiculous blog Freedomspeechwales who claim to not be a staffer is having a
go at this site claiming we are out to get Luke Ellis.
Umm, it's Free Speech Wales and you've posted two blog posts so far both attacking Luke Ellis.
Let us be clear. Luke Ellis put himself out there, on the Internet and decided
to blog about giving drugs to everyone, all on his own, with no help from us.
He did express himself on a blog that much is true. People are free to critique his posts. However, they should critique what he actually wrote. Luke Ellis didn't suggest giving drugs to everyone. That's a ridiculous thing to say.

He chose to abuse the position of trust his (now disgusted) local voters placed
in him by proffering the sick suggestion that a drugs lord should be placed in
charge of teaching our precious children here in Wales about taking drugs.

That simply isn't true is it? Only in your little world is that true. The only people who are 'disgusted' by this are rent-a-quote David Davies and whoever is orchestrating the campaign from within the party to discredit Luke.

In party circles the view is that CRUCIFIXION IS TOO GOOD FOR LUKE ELLIS.
Party circles? That would be you then. As for WPB to accuse Luke Ellis of 'sick suggestions', I'll leave WPB's last comment to speak for itself.
Whatever Nat is behind FSW should do some more research on Ellis before praising
him to the hilt. We await the press officers apology to the parents of children
across Wales...............
Won't somebody think of the children?

PS I'm still waiting for the avalanche of supportive comments to arrive at WPB.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Activity on all fronts

First we have this from WBW
When this blog acquired its very own cyber stalker I set up a parody site. I had no intention of using it, as the first post made clear.

By now that my obsessional little friend has revealed himself to by just another Plaid blogger (almost certainly a staffer, but I'll leave the question of that one open)
I'm not a staffer by the way, I'm not even a member of Plaid Cymru.
I've decided to make use of it.
Great move, so you're now posting blog posts on a secondary blog that nobody reads.

For those who wish to see it follow this link. Essentially he makes the leap of logic that because I supported Luke Ellis's right to free speech and pointed out it was almost certainly a member of his own party that I'm a Plaid staffer. The only person that has been trying to get any sort of gain from Luke outside Labour is David Davies who did it in the press. I doubt Mr Davies reads many newly started Labour blogs. Draw your own conclusions.

The other claim he takes issue with is that Martin Shipton isn't spinning for the Labour Party in Wales. Anyone who knows Shipton, his writings, his affiliations, his politics........knows who's line he's more likely to spin.

Oh, and he picked me up on my spelling. He's got chutzpah, I'll give him that.

Next up is a second post from Welsh Post Box (a blog set up principally to attack Labour councillor Luke Ellis) and guess what? The second post is about Luke! No surprises there.
Luke Ellis who now stands disgraced in the eyes of the blogsphere, and his Party for advocating the legalisation of drugs has resigned from blogging.
Number of blogs attacking Luke Ellis and his blog posting? One. Yours. Hardly disgraced in the eyes of the blogosphere.
The world will not miss his strange views and his party will be pleased that he has shut the fuck up.
Doesn't that scream of an inside Job WBW? Or have you got any inside info?
In a final posting on his sad excuse for a blog, Ellis has a go a highly regarded Western Mail Chief Political Reporter Martin Shipton, who originally exposed Ellis for the diatribe of liberal spouting.
Highly regarded? That isn't you is it Shippo?
In the attack Ellis states "I am sure that Martin Shipton has many views which he holds which would not run side by side with his employers." .
That's almost certainly true.
What is he suggesting exactly? Maybe he would like to explain, or in the very least apologise for his remarks.
Apologise for what? Stating that a reporter may have views that differ from Trinity Mirror? I'd hazard a guess that the NUJ chapel meetings would be very boring if journalists held the same views as their employers.
He still hasn't uttered a word of regret over his outrageous suggestion about Howard Marks taking over Drugs policy in Wales, and Cardiff Bay sources reveal to Welsh Post Box that Ellis was seen "laughing and joking with his work colleague" in the Assembly dining room this week.
Why the hell should he apologise for expressing himself in a blog? Who did he hurt? Should he apologise to the stupid people who missed the tongue in cheek humour? As for the 'laughing with a work colleague' how dare he? I mean actually laughing. Burn the witch.
Clearly showing total disregard for the deep shame and harm he has caused to his party and his office with his lurid scheme.
It was never a scheme, it was a humorous 'what if'.
Welsh Post Box is pleased that he has been forced to stop blogging but thinks it is time for a public apology. Join the fight. Show your support here in the comment boxes.
In other words WPB is happy that Luke's freedom of expression has been extinguished and that someone, somewhere is set to gain from the manufactured outraged caused.

PS So far in two blog posts WPB has gathered six comments. Only one was supportive. The comment was posted by the same person who promoted the blog elsewhere, so chances are it's the blogs author. Sad.

Free speech and all that...

There's nothing to report on WBW or WPB so here are some posts that you may find interesting.

Protect the believers, not the belief - Agness Callamard

Giving up on free speech - Dolan Cummings

How can debate challenge extremism? - Nathalie Rothschild

Google's Nicole Wong calls for united front against web censorship - Mike Harvey

Australia censors Wikileaks page
- Ryan Singel

Cllr. Luke Ellis calls it a day

Luke Ellis has announced that he's to take a 'break' from blogging.

His decision to take a break was probably influenced by the dark Machiavellian movements by certain members of his own party. These people have almost certainly been leaving negative comments around the Welsh blogosphere and even going as far as setting up a one post blog to demand his sacking.

Luke Ellis's crime was to post a blog asking for an open discussion about drugs within society, he added some tongue-in-cheek humour to his piece but it was done in such a light hearted way that no-one except those with an axe to grind against his boss would be 'outraged'.

These people have clout though, and apparently a direct line to Labour spin-meister in chief at the Western Mail, Martin Shipton.

I offer my full support to Luke at this time and wish him all the best in the future. Let's hope he takes up blogging again because despite the naysayers the more voices the better.

Illegitimi non carborundum

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Welsh Blog Watch: Working himself into a frenzy

An update from the wonderful world of WBW:
Update: Instantly, a response goes up. It's really funny. I honestly thought some of the crap that appears on the Welsh blogosphere was about as bad as it got. It turns out all I needed to do was post a few mildly critical comments and this guy is so upset he'll dedicate his life to cyberstalking me! Brilliant.
And instantly a response comes from WBW, he's on a roll today. Two posts and one update, he's almost consistent.

Again with cyberstalking insult by someone who set up an anonymous blog to......well you know the rest.

I'll type this out in capital letters and hopefully, even with his poor grip of the English language little WBW can understand.


There you go.

PS Bonus points for praising yourself in the comments using an 'anon' sock puppet. Classy.

* edited for clarity

Welsh Blog Watch: Dumber than first thought

Here's the latest 'offering'.
Good to know my personal cyber stalker, the completely-impartial-and-not-at-all-a-Nationalist-front blog "Free Wales Speech" is quick on the uptake. What a shame he's not that quick witted.
Wow two blogposts in one day, I've really stirred the hornets nest. Regular posts? What next? Good posts? We'll have to wait and see.

P.S. 'cyber stalking'? Nice way to undermine a true criminal offence that many people have suffered. This is merely a satirical poke at your precious ego my friend, I don't care who you are, where you live or what you do for a living.
He does seem very upset that I've criticised Welsh Drivelings. That wouldn't because you ARE Welsh Drivelings, would it? Oh no.
Well if the main target of your blog is Welsh Ramblings then the logical assumption would be that you were specifically aiming your blog at WR wouldn't it? I'm not Welsh Ramblings by the way.
Anyway, good to know your reading Ramblings.
I'm not WR, no matter how many times you write it won't change that.
And good also to know that I'm being so well read in the Assembly.

In summary,
How can you summarise anything? You've said sod all!
we are told to believe that Welsh Blog Watch is out to stifle debate by taking the piss out of others,
Yep that's about it.
while Free Wales Speech is performing some sort of democratic duty by err...taking the piss out of Welsh Blog Watch.
It's called satire. There are dictionaries available online if you need to look that up.
Work that one out if you can.
Most people would be able to, take as long as you need though.
To me it's just another fine example of just how far up their own arses most Welsh bloggers are.
You really can't deal with criticism can you?

Welsh Blog Watch speaks!

Wow, a posting from Welsh Blog Watch. Took his time.
You might have seen a new blog that has just been created. It's called Free Speech Wales.

This blog has been created to limit my free speech and close down my debate.
Quite the opposite, this blog supports all free speech and encourages debate. It's just that WBW has offered none, it's a political attack blog designed solely to attack Welsh Ramblings (with pretensions of going after other blogs). It's aim is to stifle debate, to peddle smears and under the pretence of labelling all Welsh bloggers crap and to dissuade people from blogging. WBW is the perfect example of the beauty of blogging, anyone with an internet connection can have a go. It doesn't matter that you can't spell or construct a reasonable argument, all are welcome.
So I'm setting up a new blog - the Free Speech Wales Watch blog to monitor this new sinister blog's every move and report back.
The fact that WBW can't even produce one blog consistently, creating more would be an even greater strain on him/her/them even if it's a joke.
This new blog says that it may carry on even if I shut down. I might do that, as nothing else proves so clearly what a load of shite the Welsh blogosphere is than the fact that someone has actually set up a site to watch me!
Ah, WBW this blog isn't just to watch you. It's designed to watch all politically motivated smear sites that pop up within the Welsh blogosphere.

We don't want to you shut down, we want to debate the rubbish you're producing. We want to expose the nonsense that you think is clever satire. We support your right to free speech and hope you continue.

Just because you're an illiterate, infrequent blogger doesn't make your posting any less important. You and your peers are a perfect example of the type of Machiavellian nonsense that staffers from various political parties get up to.

Thank you for making everyone else look good.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Welcome! Croeso!

This blog has been set up to counter two blogs that have sprung up in the last couple of weeks. They see themselves as 'Watch' blogs. They are in fact nothing more than partisan attack blogs designed to limit free speech and shut down debate. They see themselves as 'Watchmen' but who watches the 'Watchmen'?

The answer? We do.

So far the blogs in question have been relatively quiet with few posts and comments so we'll sit here and wait to see the kind of impact they'll make. If they can be bothered to post again that is.

So c'mon Welsh Blog Watch! C'mon Welsh Post Box! Come one come all, if you think you're good enough.

PS If the two blogs should disappear, I'm thinking of keeping the blog active as a general free speech blog.

Test Post: Who Watches The Watchmen?

A test post.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? is a Latin phrase from the Roman poet Juvenal, which literally translates to "Who will guard the guards themselves?", and is variously translated in colloquial English as "Who watches the watchmen?", "Who watches the watchers?", "Who will guard the guards?", "Who shall watch the watchers?", "Who polices the police?" or other similar translations.

One well-known contemporary interpretation of this concept is found in the graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, which takes its name from this phrase. Another is an episode of the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, titled "Who Watches the Watchers." A second novel uses this expression: Dan Brown's Digital Fortress. It discusses the intricate balance between national security and personal privacy: who has the right to peek in others' emails in the name of national security - Who will guard them? Another is the novel Thud! by Terry Pratchett and various other novels by the same author, it is a phrase often used by Samuel Vimes and the other members of the Ankh Morpork city watch. In Thud! the question is answered when a theoretical watchman in Sam Vimes' consciousness says that he watches him, similar to a conscience. Sam has created a watcher in his own mind who watches him, and therefore is watching himself. The watchman himself watches the watchmen. See paradox and turtles all the way down. In an episode of Justice League Unlimited, Batman quietly poses the question to Green Arrow as regards the founding members of the League. Green Arrow responds that the League's extended membership "[has] it covered."