Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Huw Lewis AM has a Streisand moment!

Apparently it seems that Huw Lewis AM and his staff seem to think it's OK to issue threatening letters to a blogger who merely ridiculed the Assembly member.

Whether the offending article was 'crass' or not is a matter of taste. The serious allegations that the blogger had allegedly made turned out to be nothing. The letter was written with the express intention of intimidating the blogger to pull the article and to restrict free speech.

Despite not being a regular reader of Cambrio Politico I offer the blog my full support and will now forever call Huw Lewis, 'Screwloose'.

Syniadau blog has a great article on the 'non-troversy' that was the Cambrio piece and the subsequent foot shooting exercise (or as it's known on the net, the 'Streisand Effect') by 'Screwloose'.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Welsh Blog Watch: Back from the dead

It seems our 'friend' at WBW is back.

Take at look at this. Ok, Guido won't exactly be quaking in his boots.

What's more interesting is the source. It is now widely known that Welsh Ramblings is run by Plaid staffers in Cardiff Bay, and possibly also by Plaid workers at Party HQ.

This leaves one question: Is Plaid Cymru actively working to undermine its alliance with Labour
by seeking to destablise the Welsh Secretary?

It also begs another question, namely why is Welsh Blog Watch almost exclusively dedicated to 'watching' Welsh Ramblings?

Haven't Labour Party staffers learned their lessons from the recent 'smeargate' incidents?

Friday, 20 March 2009

Welsh Post Box: Gone for good?

1. The blog is no longer protected for selected readers only. It's just been deleted.

2. The Twitter page for the blog has also gone.

Good riddance.

Everyone has a right to free speech, but wishing crucifixion on people for voicing opinions and issuing threats to people who support them crosses the line.

Welsh Post Box will not be missed.

Welsh Blog Watch: Intelligent post shocker!

Even though I disagree with his conclusions, is this post evidence that WBW could move away from the sloppy nonsense that infested his early blog posts? If he can keep this up the Welsh blogosphere would benefit from having a non-partisan 'watcher'.

I would warn him not to jump to conclusions so fast though. He states,
Now, I have no evidence to back up this theory at all. I have no inside knowledge.
Then goes on to blame the whole thing on the nationalists. Surely there have been idiots from other parties stirring the pot on this one as well?

Welsh Blog Watch, please, pretty please, produce more posts like this.

Welsh Post Box: Still going on, behind closed doors

Despite locking people out of his blog, the despicable, potty mouthed smear merchant is still peddling his disgusting rubbish behind closed doors.

Here's his latest blog post in full.
Luke Ellis, the fallen "pro Plaid" former media officer of Carwyn Jones has left the National Assembly in shame and disgrace following his disgusting suggestions that a drud pusher should teach innocent Welsh childern about how to use drugs.

Ellis has been in trouble in his local community after calling the police in to investigate an 84 year old woman for fraud .

My sympathies are with his community as this drugist representing them strides around under a Labour rosette claiming to be a socialist, whilst writng extemt libitarin views on his blog.

The Labour Party is pleased that Luke Ellis is now left the Assembly and we hope he shortly leaves the Party too. The man is a menace, who seems to be in collusion with Plaid Cymru and is certainly a loose cannon. I feel much sorrow for Huw Lewis office who have been implicated in this affair.

I can categorically assure you that there has been no direct contact between any AM's office and this site.

We simply do not want the children of Wales given drugs as a result of Luke Ellis' despicable ideology.

As for Freespeechwales.................................. Fuck you. You are either a Plaidist or a Carwynist either way we do not care for you.
Charming. I notice he's now describing Luke as Libertarian (although obviously can't spell it) after calling him a communist yesterday. Politics aren't WPB's strong point obviously. Neither is being a decent human being.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

The true face of Welsh Post Box

The truth about Welsh Post Box comes out. Here's a lovely message left on Twitter by WPB.
@FreeSpeechWales you have not silenced us. Our job is done. You simply helped. Give our love to Luke on the dole. Boy in a mans world.
1. I didn't set out to silence you, you did that yourself.

2. Glad you've admitted that you were out to get Luke sacked.

3. You've failed. As far as I know he's still employed.


WPB turns up in the comments to this post and further proves how sick, twisted and vile the campaign against Luke Ellis, his livelyhood and free speech has been.
Welshpostbox said...

You clearly are a misinformed racist supporter.

You alowed Racist comments about Huw Lewis's staff being English Yobs on your site. You may as well be a card carrying member of the KKK, let alone Plaid Cymru.

You are sickening in your defense of a drug pushing communist cunt like Ellis and we are finding out who and where you are.

He is not employed. We have it on good authority that the fucker resigned last night, but the media is keeping it quiet to not draw attention from his closet nat bosses latest leadership bid.

Huw Lewis office has no direct contact with us and we resent the implication that we have been politically motivated.

Luke Ellis is a shit press officer and a cunt of a human. He has no ideas of his own and is a danger to democracy.

I never said crucifixion was to much for the short arsed cunt, but if the cap fits........

Fuck you Freespeech wales. He is resigned or sacked. We are closing in on you too. Sleep lightly

And finishing on a threat to yours truly. Disgraceful.

Welsh Post Box RIP?

Try this link.

By invite only?

It seems that calling for Luke Ellis to be crucified was a step too far.

Seems a very cowardly way out.