Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Huw Lewis AM has a Streisand moment!

Apparently it seems that Huw Lewis AM and his staff seem to think it's OK to issue threatening letters to a blogger who merely ridiculed the Assembly member.

Whether the offending article was 'crass' or not is a matter of taste. The serious allegations that the blogger had allegedly made turned out to be nothing. The letter was written with the express intention of intimidating the blogger to pull the article and to restrict free speech.

Despite not being a regular reader of Cambrio Politico I offer the blog my full support and will now forever call Huw Lewis, 'Screwloose'.

Syniadau blog has a great article on the 'non-troversy' that was the Cambrio piece and the subsequent foot shooting exercise (or as it's known on the net, the 'Streisand Effect') by 'Screwloose'.